We prepare people to participate meaningfully in the internet revolution by helping them learn to create web and mobile applications.

The path we encourage people to follow is:

  • spend 1 year learning web and mobile development by taking online classes and tutorials and building small projects.
  • spend 1 year building open source social services with CodeForIndia Fellowships or doing internships with local startups.
  • spend at least one year working with a fast growing startup.
  • spend 1 year building a technology startup.

    We conduct a number of events and programs to support people. We have launched LearnToCode.social to give aspiring software developers guidance to get started, a community for support, and regular coaching to help stay motivated and focused.

    We have partnered with the Startup Industry Think Tank iSpirt to define a standard set of criteria we expect people to meet to be eligible for internships as software developers in technology startups. We are also organizing CodeForIndia Fellowships in which people work on social service open source applications. We host RSPCT events in June and December to introduce software students who have achieved this level to Startups and CodeForIndia Projects.