Our Goal is to help people become solid web designers and software developers who can create the next generation of web and mobile applications.
The Program is full time requiring a minimum of 40 hours of dedicated effort each week, and residential with participants living at our beautiful location just outside of Bangalore. There are zero upfront costs for the program. Tuition of 1 Lakh is deferred until students graduate and start earning. Living expenses covering food, rent, electricity & internet amount to 5k / mo. which students are encouraged to earn doing freelance technical work online in their spare time.
You Learn html / css / JavaScript, Python, SQL, Android, Git, Unix, System administration, build management, cloud management, Object Oriented Programming & design, agile development, yoga, meditation, and how to make money on the internet.
By Studying online classes from CodeAcademy, TeamTreeHouse, CodeSchool, Udacity,Programmr.com, CodeLearn.org, Stanford, Harvard and MIT & Installing open source software and going through the tutorials.
And Doing An open source startup where you work as a developer on a team to create or improve a web service or mobile application every 12 weeks.
Humans are critical for life and learning and we strive to connect you to the right ones at the right times. From study groups, to startup teams, to technical experts and life coaches. The most precious thing you will develop in this program are relationships with human beings who are on a similar path to you and want you to be successful.


Freeman Murray – Principal / Primary Adviser

Worked in the Java Group at Sun Microsystems where he worked on the Java Server. In the late 90’s he founded Kendara and Internet company making browser plugins. Kendara was funded by MDV and Redpoint and sold to Excite@Home in 2000. With a passion to help young people learn technical skills and start internet companies he moved to India in 2005 where he helped set up and run a variety of startup incubators, accelerators and community spaces Jaaga.in, iAccelerator.org, StartupSchool.in @ StartupVillage.in.

Akshay Kanthi – Coach

Is inspired to take up the cause of Rethinking the way Education should be, and is particularly excited about the ways, the Internet will shape the Future of Learning.

Abhijit Sinha – Coach

Works on alternative education programs and is trying to establish self learning opportunities for the under-served masses. Is the Co-founder of E4D (Education for Development – http://e4d.in ). Super interested in hacking devices and building low cost technologies that maximize on impact.

Brajeshwar OinamTechnical Expert

believes in simplicity, pushes the envelop and envisions the betterment of usable and practical solutions.

Sarah Steinberg – Technical Expert

makes her bread and butter making dynamic database driven websites with HTML / CSS / JavaScript / PHP and whatever else is necessary.

Tej Pochiraju – Technical Expert

Loves open source technologies and advances wireless innovation through MicroGrace.