Jaaga Study is a residential learning environment.
Live in Nature | Do Yoga | Learn To Code | Code For India .


It takes place on an organic farm just outside Bangalore city. We are set up like a camping festival with good internet. People live in tents or on temporary structures. We have a kitchen and cook that make local Indian vegetarian food. We have decent Internet via a collection of Airtel 4G routers. We study online, work on social service tech projects, do yoga, ride electric unicycles and generally have a good time.

There are a number of ways to engage:

Young people pursuing a career in software may apply to Jaaga Study. This is a gurukul type environment. Students do yoga with me 5 days a week, study computer programming via online classes like FreeCodeCamp or doing online challenges like HackerRank. Advanced programmers who want to learn about AI / Data Science / Machine Learning can spend their time on Kaggle. In addition to yoga and studying programming students volunteer in the community. Apply to Jaaga Study

Digital Nomads. We invite experienced developers from around India and around the world to come camp with us on a farm near Bangalore while you work remotely, on your startup ideas, studying some challenging online course, or contributing to some open source project. We encourage digital nomads to participate in and contribute to our local culture, but there are no explicit expectations. We maintain an inexpensive, well connected, vital healthy environment to support your growth. We ask for a contribution of 10,000 Inr a month to cover our costs. This includes Indian vegetarian food, internet, electricity and a place to camp. Apply as a Digital Nomad.

Lastly we offer some fellowships to senior people who contribute substantially to the community. Right now we are primarily looking for Android developers who can help us build an app to teach kids math and language skills for the Learning X-Prize. We are generally interested in chatbots, electric unicycles, Ethereum, and large scale digital art installations. Fellowships are free. Fellows camp with everyone else and have their living expenses covered, but do not receive a stipend or travel expense. Apply for a fellowship with Jaaga Study.

The Winter Quarter of Jaaga Study begins Jan 4 and ends March 19, 2016.

Jaaga Study at Hamsah Farm 2015 – 2016 pics



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