Jaaga Study : Code For India Fellowships
We’re still in the first minutes of the first day of the Internet revolution.
Scott Cook
This is a 10 week program where people volunteer on social projects while studying computer programming.

In the morning we work with social organizations to serve a local community. Services may include energy, healthcare, education, water, food, justice, … any service in which people work full time and earn a livelihood by helping people in their community. We document and report on how the industry and service provider work. Then we use existing software solutions to assist the service provider. Once we understand the space and how it is currently being served we design and develop custom software to make it better.

In the afternoon fellows study computer programming. They start by learning about the basics of computing and the internet. They move into general software programming using JavaScript and Java and then specialize with an advanced certificate in Android Software Development.

Fellows work from the Jaaga Study location Monday – Friday from 10am – 5pm and participate in weekend events at least once a month. Spaces are also available for people to live at the Jaaga Study location and participate in daily yoga and other campus activities.

The program is free & unpaid. Food and stay is also free for residents. Anyone with a laptop and Android phone can participate. Financial aid may be available in some cases.

The First batch begins October 5 and ends December 18.

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