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We are accepting applications now for the April 3 to June 17 batch of Jaaga Study. It will take place at Hamsah Organic Farm just outside Bangalore. It is a gorgeous location close to Koramangala, the center of the Bangalore tech startup scene.

Web Development Camp
We’ll have two serious web development bootcamps lead by Rajanshu & Akash. One is a foundation course for people new to programming. It covers HTML, CSS, Basic JavaScript and jQuery. The second bootcamp is for people with some programming experience and requires some prep work. The intensive bootcamp goes deeper into the Mongo, Express, React, NodeJS (MERN) stack. The cost of the full 11 week bootcamp is 25,000 Inr and includes food and camping.

QJ and Sumukh have been studying Ethereum for the past 6 months. We’re writing smart contracts for most of the major operational components of the new farm we’re moving to. They are open to mentoring some developers with existing programming experience who want to learn about writing smart contracts.

We’ve been excited about chatbots since we started building one for the Learning X-Prize competition last year. The industry has really risen up around this with great APIs from the tech majors like Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft to make it easier for independent developers to create conversational agents. We are inviting experienced programmers to come spend time with us and go through these tutorials and maybe help us make a voice interface for our electric unicycles.

We’d like to host more people offering workshops, study groups, or bootcamps along with us. Contact if you’d like to explore this.

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