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Applications for the Jan batch are now closed. I’m leaving the form active so that you can register interest and stay informed of the Jaaga study program. I’m going on vacation though until early January so don’t expect a quick response.

Jaaga Study takes place at Hamsah an organic farm just outside Bangalore city. We have a kitchen and cook that make local Indian vegetarian food. We have decent Internet via a collection of Airtel 4G routers. We study online, work on social service tech projects, do yoga, ride electric unicycles and generally have a good time.

We’re also eager to have electronics people help us with our Electric Unicycles. We also have an The next batch will most likely start in April. I will post more about it in Jan or Feb 2017.

Here are the ways Jaaga Study engages with people:

JavaScript BootCamp

This 3 month intensive software development bootcamp happens in Jaaga Study’s chilled out environment. Applications for the Jan – March batch are now closed. Fill out the form If you would like to be informed when we announce the next batch which will likely start in April, or if you can mentor people in the current batch. Mentors host online office hours, and conduct code reviews.


Sumukh Shetty & Quijano Flores have gone deep into Ethereum in 16q4 at Jaaga Study. They have impressed me with the value of Ethereum and the quality of the Ethereum programming tutorials Jordan Leigh is puting out. Sumukh will mentor people who are willing to spend at least a month at Jaaga Study between Jan & March. He and QJ are also exploring doing a startup in this space. Checkout Sumukh’s blog post for details.

Electric Unicycles

In April we finally took posession of the Unicycles I ordered from King Song back in Sept of 2015. Of the 14 unicycles 3 are still working properly. Pushp Bajaj has been our resident electronics geek exploring Lithium battery technology looking into the unicycles in 2016q4. He’ll also be around for 2017q1 and is inviting some people in who would like to stay at Jaaga Study and study / work in this area for at least a month in 2017q1.

Jaaga Study 2016 4th quarter pics.
Jaaga Study at Hamsah Farm 2015 – 2016 pics



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