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Jaaga Study takes place at Hamsah Organic Farm just outside Bangalore. The next session will begin in October 2 and run 11 weeks finishing on December 16.

Web Development Camp
We’ll have two serious web development bootcamps lead by Rajanshu. One is a foundation course for people new to programming. It covers HTML, CSS, Basic JavaScript and jQuery. The second bootcamp is for people with some programming experience and requires some prep work. The intensive bootcamp goes deeper into the Mongo, Express, React, NodeJS (MERN) stack.
Who should attend this bootcamp?
1. People who have absolutely no programming experience and want to dive into the beautiful world of programming should attend the computer science foundation camp.
2. People who have basic programming experience, and want to learn MERN stack in a peer-to-peer learning environment can sign up for our advanced program.
3. People who believe in self-study and looking for proper mentorship and highly productive environment.
4. People who believe in hands-on training rather than theoretical learning.
Who should NOT attend this bootcamp?
1. People looking for classroom teaching, daily lectures, ppts, etc.
2. People can’t imagine themselves staying in open skies , sleeping in tents away from the comfort zones.
What can you expect from this bootcamp?
1. Community of like minded/creative people
2. Mentorship from industry experts
3. Hourly hackathons to improve problem solving skills
4. Professional web development with focus on code quality and industry standards
5. Build impressive github/linkedin profile to attract potential employers/clients
6. Showcase your projects to number of cool startups in the final demo event
7. Physical and mental fitness
What do we expect?
1. We charge a minimal amount of 30k inr for 11 weeks which covers your accommodation, food, internet & other services.
2. We expect you to do yoga in the mornings Monday to Friday.
3. We expect you to work on our non-profit project which will be built on MERN stack.
4. We expect you to keep the surroundings clean.

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