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The purpose of yoga is to silence the chatter of the mind.


The April 2017 batch of Jaaga Study will take place at ‘The Singularity’ a new space being set up by the Jaaga team near the Bangalore Airport just north of the city. At ‘The Singularity’ we’ll push harder on the idea of ‘radical self reliance’. So as with previous editions of Jaaga Study in addition to learning software development we’ll set up camp and build our own infrastructure.

We’ll offer the FreeCodeCamp Javascript Bootcamp again. Bootcamps at Jaaga mostly rely on online course material and peer 2 peer learning. The next one will run for 11 weeks from April 3 culminating in a final demo (RSPCT) event June 17. We’ll be asking participants for 25k Inr for the whole 11 week program including tent, rent, food, and internet. Financial Aid may be available on a case by case basis.

We also invite people with their own study agenda to camp with us. Specifically we’ll be organizing study groups around Ethereum, Android, Machine Learning & Electronics. If there’s something you would like to study and would like to live in nature surrounded by other young people learning about software development, we can probably find a space for you. We’ll ask independent learners for 10k for access / to stay at The Singularity for the quarter (April 3 – June 17). Learners can cook their own food or get on the meal plan with the canteen for 3-4k / month.

We’d like to host more people offering workshops, study groups, or bootcamps along with us at The Singularity. Contact if you’d like to explore this.

Jaaga Study 2016 4th quarter pics.
Jaaga Study at Hamsah Farm 2015 – 2016 pics



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