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Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.
Charles Eames


From 2015-10-05
Live In Nature
People sleep in tents or under mosquito nets on an organic farm near Bangalore. If the idea of camping in nature doesn’t appeal to you, this probably isn’t your place. If the idea of waking up with the sound of rain on your tent, or watching the dragon flys dart around the garden sounds good then we might have a fit. more pics

From 2015-10-05
Do Yoga
Ultimately we are pursuing the practice of ‘right living’. Yoga provides a philosophy and variety of practices which help us on this path. We do asana and pranayama practice in the mornings. In the evening we have meditation and kirtan.

Freeman Murray at Nanocast, Pune

Learn To Code
At this moment in history the Internet and smart phones are rapidly changing how people live on the planet. It is a good time to develop skills for using these new technologies effectively. We do this by taking advantage of the great learning material freely available online for web and mobile development, and by working on social technology projects.

From 2015-10-05
Code For India
We exercise our technical skills by helping non-profit organizations and social workers use technology effectively. Currently we’re competing in the Learning X-Prize. We are developing apps and getting tablets in front of kids as part of this.

From 2015-10-05
Daily Schedule:
8am    - yoga
9am    - breakfast
10am   - study session
1pm    - lunch
2pm    - project session
5pm    - break
730pm  - meditation
8pm    - dinner
This is a very flexible and low stress environment. The schedule is here to provide a routine people can adhere to that promotes their personal and professional development.

There is no fee for Jaaga Study specifically but people can expect to pay 6000 inr / month for food and internet expenses.

Start and End Dates
There is no set start date. We are open and inviting people now and on an ongoing basis. We will be operating from Bangalore until mid March.