Jaaga Study is a residential colearning space located just outside Bangalore. We believe people can learn new technologies that will make them effective in the digital economy while living inexpensively on an organic farm. In addition to learning software development we work on the farm, do yoga, meditate, fly quadcopters, ride electric unicycles, and generally explore new technologies in a natural environment.

The core of Jaaga Study is a one year program in which people learn to write software and gain experience working in teams on practical social service projects. The year at Jaaga Study is divided into 3 month quarters. The first quarter of the one year program is a ‘bootcamp’ where people focus their efforts on learning a particular technology stack. This is the most directed part of the program. In successive quarters people work in teams on CodeForIndia Fellowships. In the last quarter participants work on projects of their own choosing. This can either be another CFI Fellowship or an entrepreneurial venture they wish to undertake.

During Bootcamp people dedicate their time to completing online computer science classes which help them get familiar with a particular technology. They participate in online code challenges, and create a project that demonstrates their familiarity with the technology and submit it as open source on GitHub. Participants learn how to provision a server in the cloud and deploy their web project to it. People stay in Bootcamp mode until they are eligible for a CodeForIndia fellowship. This is a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 months.

In 2015 we are introducing CodeForIndia fellowships to the Jaaga Study program. Fellows agree to work full or half time (30 – 15 hrs / week) in teams on an open source social service project. Fellows meet with a mentor once a week to discuss the project and review code. People may do a fellowship independently or as part of the larger Jaaga Study program. To be eligible for the CFI Fellowship people must demonstrate programing ability by showing MOOC completion certificates, advanced rankings on relevant code competition websites, and open source contributions on GitHub.

We also allow senior developers people to do a residency at JAAGA. They can use their time as they like working on freelance projects, startups or continuing their studies.

Jaaga is run by the participants and everyone is expected to volunteer 10 hours a week helping run the farm and manage the program. The program costs 6000 rs. / mo. to participate which includes food, rough accommodation, electricity & Internet . CFI Fellows may get some stipend depending on their experience and time commitment. Work trade / Financial aid is also available. People must bring their own laptops.