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We’re still in the first minutes of the first day of the Internet revolution.
Scott Cook
This is the Internet Age. Let’s Participate.
The Internet has expanded across the globe and is now touching almost a third of the Earth’s population. As new people come online we need to develop applications to serve their needs. This is a huge under taking, so we need to get ready.

An online community to help you learn the programming skills you need for a CodeForIndia Fellowship or an internship with a software startup. MORE >>

An event to celebrate the accomplishments of independent learners and introduce them to the larger technology community in Bangalore MORE >>

Code For India Fellowships provide a structure for new programmers to work on community service open source projects with the guidance of technical mentors and NGO partners. MORE >>

Live on a farm just outside Bangalore, India. Do yoga, learn to code, use the internet to solve world problems, ride an electric unicycle. MORE >>


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