Jaaga Study is a residential colearning space located just outside Bangalore. We believe people can learn digital technologies that will make them effective in the digital economy while living inexpensively on an organic farm.  In addition to learning and working on the internet we do yoga and meditation, fly quadcopters, ride electric unicycles, and generally explore new technologies in a natural environment.

Each month we put on ‘Code Camps’ - five day residential workshops for beginning and experienced developers. Beginners learn the fundamentals of web development with html / css / PHP or JavaScript. More experienced developers work on a CodeForIndia project. This is a good chance to practice web development, learn new technologies, and experience living on the farm. Code camps are free, but space is limited, so we are selective and ask beginners to go through the CodeAcademy HTML / CSS & PHP courses before coming.

Up coming code camps:
Oct 13 – 17
Nov 17 – 21
Dec 15 – 19

Come to a Code Camp

People who are serious about learning digital technology, or are already digital professionals can do a residency at the farm.  Residents learn HTML / CSS, JavaScript, Android, Ruby and whatever else they are interested in by taking online classes, participating in online code challenges, and working on open source projects. Residents are also free to freelance online or work on their own startups.  We give guidance and have group review sessions each Friday where everyone shares what they’re working on. Residents may be invited to participate in a our quarterly Demo Day / Awards Ceremony in which we give prizes for online academic achievements and open source contributions.  Residents can expect to pay about 6000 rs / month for internet, food, rent, and electricity.

Join the Jaaga Study Residency

We also have an ‘alpha core’ team which participates in all the activities and spends 4 hours a day working for the program, in addition to the time they spend learning to code or on their own projects. Participation in ‘alpha core’ requires dedication and a laptop, but no money.

The best way to get invited into ‘alpha core’ is to come to a Code Camp and get to know us.