The next Web Dev BootCamp will run from October 2 to December 16, 2017 at Hamsah Organic Farm near Bangalore. It helps aspiring programmers become industry ready software developers. During the bootcamp we maintain a regular schedule of activities.

Monday through Friday we have daily ‘standup sessions’ where people quickly talk about what they’ve been working on and if they need any help.

Bootcampers form into small study groups to work through FreeCodeCamp challenges and projects.

We host group HackerRank hackathons twice a week where everyone solves programming challenges related to algorithms, data structures and some brain-teasing problems.

We host atleast one workshop or skill sharing session every week and encourage bootcampers for the same.

Participants build out their GitHub repository with projects:
the Free Code Camp FrontEnd projects
One React project
& one CRUD/Database project

We do weekly outings to city nearby which involves lots of tech activities in Bangalore and fun activities around.
Visiting Co-Working Spaces
WebDev MeetUps and Hackathons
HasGeek Open House Event
Jaaga Chai House
Hampi , Cubbon park, Nandi hills, fun…

Mentor interactions
Email / Asynchronous answer questions – stack overflow
Code Reviews (after major project completion)
Realtime office hours (skype / chat)

Participants work towards these metrics of achievement. Depending on effort and aptitude it may take more than one quarter to get through them all.
FreeCodeCamp front end web dev certificate
badge on HackerRank
plus Github portfolio of FCC projects and HR challenges + React & database projects

At the end of the quarter participants present their achievements at a group event in Bangalore.

internship / placements for people who get the badges

The Bootcamp Fee is 50k inr for whole 11 weeks WebDev Bootcamp which includes rent, food, internet and other services.

Applications Closed