Jaaga Study ‘JavaScript Bootcamp’ program is an 11 week immersive web-development course. It helps aspiring programmers become industry ready software developers.

The bootcamp provides a collaborative learning environment where people can focus their time on learning and relearning the basics of programming and then playing around with technologies currently ruling Web/Mobile/IoT.
Coupled with group instruction sessions and peer to peer learning; the atmosphere provides an optimal push, to your internal resolve to get the maximum output from the limited duration.

The proximity to India’s Silicon Valley in Bangalore provides networking as well as easier access to job opportunities.

The stress-free environment at Jaaga, away from the hustle & bustle and traffic in the city, helps de-clutter the mind. The morning yoga sessions by the ashram, sets the theme for the day of challenging yourself to be the best you can be, and ensures higher focus and concentration.

Daily Routine (Mon-Fri) :
    8AM-9PM : Yoga
    10AM-1PM : Studying Course Materials
    3PM-4PM : Training/Discussions
    6PM-8PM : Working on Projects/Pair Programming
Prerequisites for JavaScript Bootcamp
(You must complete prerequisites before applying for Bootcamp.)

Course Overview : Bootcamp Course Overview
Curriculum : Program Breakdown