The Jaaga Study program is evolving. Here’s the text from the last few months.

Jaaga Study takes place at Hamsah an organic farm just outside Bangalore city. We have a kitchen and cook that make local Indian vegetarian food. We have decent Internet via a collection of Airtel 4G routers. We study online, work on social service tech projects, do yoga, ride electric unicycles and generally have a good time.

The Jan – March batch of the Javascript bootcamp is closed. I’m going to leave the apply form active so you can still let us know if you’re interested. The next batch will most likely start in April. I will post more about it in Jan or Feb 2017.

Here are the ways Jaaga Study engages with people:

Digital Nomads

We invite experienced developers from around India and around the world to come camp with us while you work on your own startup ideas, client projects, online classes, or open source projects. We encourage digital nomads to participate in and contribute to our local culture. We maintain an inexpensive, well connected, vital healthy environment to support your growth. Apply as a Digital Nomad.

JavaScript BootCamp

This 3 month intensive software development bootcamp happens in Jaaga Study’s chilled out environment, but drill sergant Rajanshu pushes people to study hard so they can get through all the material in just 3 months. This bootcamp is designed to make participants industry ready and includes sessions about online job boards, creating a resume, filling out a linkedIn profile, and getting through a technical interview. The next bootcamp runs Jan 11 – March 19, 2017.

Open Learning

At Jaaga Study we also want to support people who have their own idea about what they want to study. This could be people who want to go through the Udacity Android Nano Degree, or, or solve challenges on If people are unsure what to study we can offer advice and help people define a self study curriculum.


Whether staying as a digital nomad, Participating in the Javascript Bootcamp, or studying on your own we ask for a contribution of 3 hours a week volunteer work and 10,000 Inr a month to help us cover the expenses on the farm. This includes Indian vegetarian food, internet, electricity and a place to camp. We like people to stay longer, so one month is the minimum increment at Jaaga Study. To participate in the Javascript BootCamp you need to commit to be present for the full 11 weeks from Jan 11 – March 19 quarter.

Jaaga Study 2016 4th quarter pics.
Jaaga Study at Hamsah Farm 2015 – 2016 pics