Jaaga DNA

Created in 2009, Jaaga DNA runs programs and residencies to support creatives in solving urban issues through researched arts and design practice in public spaces. We aim to:
  • Reclaim and activate derelict urban public space through art practice for positive use
  • Support contemporary artists and enable them to work in public spaces
  • Provide accessible art both physically and emotionally

Select Past Projects

  • Urban Avant-GardeGraffiti painting in public spaces that also featured experimental dance performances, workshops, lectures, video screenings and music. The Urban Avant-Garde presented contemporary Indo-German artists from various disciplines, who unconventionally expand urban cultures’ modes of expression.
  • Investment ZoneA participatory artwork and reality game. Ten citizens in Geselkirchen (Germany) and ten citizens in Bangalore were invited to make use of a plot of abandoned land and transform it over the course of six months. Participants came together every two weeks to deliberate, discuss and invest in the development of the plot, located under the KH Double Road Flyover, a major traffic artery.
  • Yellow UFO (Under the Flyover), located in Richmond Town: passers-by and people from the community were invited to pose in response to the idea of “play” with objects of joy in a participatory process. This resulted in a 2-pillars colorful artwork.

Job Description

Jaaga DNA recently signed a five-year MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the city of Bangalore to rejuvenate five flyovers located across the city. Our work goes beyond beautification and focuses on solving urban issues through participatory processes and community engagement. The role of the researcher would be to gather data to get a deeper insight into these spaces and of the people using it in order to lead consistent and coherent artistic projects. We would like to focus on two of these sites to begin with. 

Research Scope

The researcher will work on the following:
  • Design & conduct qualitative and quantitative surveys
  • Perform observational research
  • Analyse data
  • Present weekly progress reports
  • Write a final report for each site


INR 20,000/ per month.

Hours of Work

The researcher will be expected to work 8 hours a day, including time spent in the office and on the field. The time will not be fixed as it will be driven by suitability for on-site research.

How to Apply

Please send the following documents to dna@jaaga.in:

  • Cover letter to include career intentions and how this job will help you get there
  • Resume
  • Portfolio/Illustrations of work
  • Contact details: Email, Skype and Mobile Number